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201503 KW4VA VaQP Multi-Multi
W4RX QTH, V/UHF microwave tower (left), triband HF and V/UHF FM yagis @ 45 by house and 10m tower and 40m towers in distance (right)
180 15m tower with stacked yagis and 80m wire beam support as viewed from 120 10m tower.  Looking west towards Skyline Dr. Shenandoah

CW QRP Foxhunts

I’ve been participating in this winter season’s 80m CW QRP Foxhunt as both a fox and a hound. The event occurs every Tues. night from 0200-0330 GMT between 3550-3570 kHz. Two stations (foxes) are designated to transmit and the rest (hounds) are poised to attempt and contact the two foxes within the 90 minute time window. More info can be found at the QRPFoxhunt web site or their QFOX Yahoo Group. I’ve been collecting fox contact logs for both the 80m and 40m events and plotting various statistics on Google maps. Check out my 80m analysis and my 40m analysis pages for some interesting graphics.

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