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201503 KW4VA VaQP Multi-Multi
Foreground 6L 10m beam @ 120 and 6L 6m beam @ 130.  Background 3L 40m beam @ 180
120 10m self supporting tower (foreground) and 180 guyed 40m tower (background)

K8GP Rover June VHF 2016

Please check out an article I posted on my time spent with Terry W8ZN as we roved in the ARRL June contest.  There you will find pictures, audio and video of our operations from various grids square in western PA and VA.  I have also published numerous maps and stats of the stations we contacted across the 50 MHz – 10 GHz bands.  Please click K1RA @ K8GP Rover ARRL June VHF 2016 to read more.


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