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201201 K8GP Rover Jan VHF SS FM08 FM09 FN00

K1RA on JT65-HF

I’ve got the Elecraft K3 running JT65-HF in the house this winter using just attic antennas. I’m only running ~5w and the antennas are 40m = horizontal loop, 30m = dipole NW/SE, 20/15/10m wire beam NE/SW. All antennas are about 25′ off the ground. Below is a quick view of the last 25 station who [...]

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I’ve developed a script to pull data from WSPRnet and display who has been copying my 20 milliwatt beacon. Below you will see a Google map on which I plot stations who have received my signal over the last week. The red 0 icon is my beacon location at the intersections of all the lines. [...]

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K1RA and WebSDR

Check out my WebSDR recording of my operation as a Fox in the QRP 80m Fox Hunt back in November of 2010.

I will be operating again as Fox this Tues night 2/8/2011 from 0200-0330Z somewhere between 3550-3570 KHz. See if you can find me and make a QSO! I’ll be running 5 watts [...]

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