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K1RA as KW4VA /M Virginia QSO Party 2012


With the solar flux rising again in the winter of 2014 I’ve resurrected my PIC controller based WSPR beacon and put it back on the air on 28 MHz running 20mw to an attic dipole antenna. I’d developed a script awhile back to pull data from WSPRnet and display who has been copying my 20 [...]

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K1RA on JT65-HF

I’ve got the Elecraft K3 running JT65-HF in the house this winter using just attic antennas. I’m only running ~5w and the antennas are 40m = horizontal loop, 30m = dipole NW/SE, 20/15/10m wire beam NE/SW. All antennas are about 25′ off the ground. Below is a quick view of the last 25 station who [...]

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K1RA and WebSDR

Check out my WebSDR recording of my operation as a Fox in the QRP 80m Fox Hunt back in November of 2010.

I will be operating again as Fox this Tues night 2/8/2011 from 0200-0330Z somewhere between 3550-3570 KHz. See if you can find me and make a QSO! I’ll be running 5 watts [...]

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