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201502 ADSB Collinear & Virtual Radar

80m Log Info

Data tallied from all fox logs. Supporting info for determining busted calls or reports. Numbers in () list the times a particular piece of data was logged by a fox.

80m Log Info

Hound Call Times Logged QTH (Times Logged) Name (Times Logged)
AA0DW 3 CO(3) DOUG(3)
AA4LR 7 GA(7) BILL(7)
AA5CK 22 OK(22) TED(22)
AB0CD 3 CO(3) DICK(3)
AB3CV 23 MD(23) JIM(23)
AB7R 15 WA(15) GREG(13) GREGG(2)
AB8DF 10 MI(10) ED(10)
AB9CA 23 AL(23) DAVE(23)
AC5K 1 TX(1) WES(1)
AC7A 28 AZ(28) TOM(28)
AD6JV 11 VA(11) BILL(10) BILLL(1)
AD8P 2 OH(2) BILL(2)
AD9CA 1 AL(1) DAVE(1)
AE4Y 19 GA(19) KENT(17) KEN(2)
AG5I 1 FL(1) DOUG(1)
AJ4AY 9 AL(9) JAY(9)
K0EVO 1 NM(1) DON(1)
K0EVZ 17 NM(17) DOC(17)
K0FHG 1 MO(1) BOB(1)
K0FRP 9 CO(9) AL(9)
K0LOA 27 MO(21) TX(6) DWAIN(26) X(1)
K0LOL 1 MO(1) DWAIN(1)
K0PC 12 MN(12) PAT(12)
K0ZK 11 ME(11) ARN(11)
K1RA 34 VA(34) ANDY(32) X(1) ADDY(1)
K2AOP 1 AZ(1) JOHN(1)
K2CV 1 MI(1) WALT(1)
K2ZN 18 NY(18) AL(18)
K3ESE 23 MD(22) MN(1) LL(20) LLOYD(3)
K3PH 25 PA(25) BOB(25)
K3PSE 1 PA(1) BOB(1)
K4AXF 25 VA(25) JIM(25)
K4BAI 22 GA(22) JOHN(22)
K4BEH 1 GA(1) PAT(1)
K4JPN 4 GA(4) STEVE(3) DAVE(1)
K4KSR 31 VA(31) BILL(31)
K4NK 2 SC(1) TN(1) LES(1) LESS(1)
K4OSO 3 VA(3) MILT(3)
K4PAC 1 GA(1) X(1)
K4PIC 35 GA(33) LA(1) PA(1) LARRY(35)
K4QS 19 VA(19) CHUCK(19)
K4UXF 1 VA(1) JIM(1)
K5AEM 16 TX(16) JON(11) JOHN(4) RON(1)
K5AHE 1 LA(1) PAT(1)
K5BGB 3 TX(3) ROD(2) RODDY(1)
K5DF 10 LA(8) IA(1) AL(1) WAYNE(10)
K5DI 19 NM(19) KARL(19)
K5DW 6 TX(6) DON(6)
K5EM 1 TX(1) JON(1)
K5JHP 25 TX(25) BILL(25)
K5JHW 1 TX(1) BILL(1)
K5OI 21 NM(21) TIM(20) TED(1)
K5PSH 9 TX(9) JERRY(8) X(1)
K5SEM 1 TX(1) JOHN(1)
K6VNX 5 CA(5) ARLEN(5)
K6XR 4 CA(4) REG(3) REGGIE(1)
K7TQ 5 ID(5) RANDY(4) ANDY(1)
K8CV 10 MI(10) WALT(8) X(1) WALY(1)
K8KFJ 21 WV(21) GARY(20) GARIE(1)
K8RDJ 1 MI(1) RAY(1)
K8WDN 8 OH(8) JOHN(8)
K9CKA 1 WI(1) CRAIG(1)
K9CW 39 IL(39) DREW(38) X(1)
K9F2 1 WI(1) AL(1)
K9HFK 1 IL(1) MARK(1)
K9IS 36 WI(35) MN(1) STEVE(35) X(1)
K9IUA 11 IA(11) KEVIN(11)
K9RQ 1 IN(1) DAN(1)
K9XE 27 IL(27) RAY(25) STEVE(1) X(1)
K9XU 1 WI(1) LON(1)
K9ZEW 1 WI(1) X(1)
KA4RRU 3 VA(3) MIKE(3)
KB0R 7 MN(7) LARRY(7)
KB2FEL 29 WV(29) BOB(29)
KB2GEL 1 WV(1) BOB(1)
KB5FCF 1 OK(1) JOEL(1)
KC1FB 20 CT(20) JIM(20)
KC4MJB 1 FL(1) BEN(1)
KC5LD 5 TX(5) DAN(3) STEVE(1) X(1)
KD2FEL 1 WV(1) BOB(1)
KD2MX 1 NJ(1) PAUL(1)
KE0CD 1 MN(1) X(1)
KF7J 1 MT(1) MR(1)
KF7JL 2 MT(2) MR(2)
KF7OL 1 UT(1) JIM(1)
KF8K 24 OH(24) CLIFF(22) MIKE(1) JIM(1)
KF8O 1 OH(1) CLIFF(1)
KG0PJH 1 CO(1) JIM(1)
KG0PP 7 CO(7) JIM(7)
KG4KLZ 1 VA(1) JIM(1)
KG4YKZ 2 VA(2) JIM(2)
KG4YLG 1 VA(1) JIM(1)
KG4YLZ 27 VA(27) JIM(27)
KH0U 1 CO(1) X(1)
KI0G 14 TX(14) BOB(14)
KI0II 27 CO(27) RON(26) X(1)
KI0II-M 1 NE(1) RON(1)
KI0RB 1 CO(1) VINCE(1)
KI4SNS 2 FL(2) DOUG(2)
KJ4F 1 TN(1) WATT(1)
KJ5KW 1 TX(1) GARY(1)
KJ5VW 1 TX(1) GARY(1)
KK4D 1 TX(1) DAN(1)
KK5LD 37 TX(36) OK(1) DAN(31) JIM(3) DP(2) LARRY(1)
KK5NA 13 TX(13) JOE(13)
KN9G 1 WI(1) RICK(1)
KOUR 1 MN(1) JIM(1)
KR0U 30 CO(30) TIM(30)
KS4S 1 NC(1) NYLES(1)
KT4LF 4 TN(4) DALE(4)
KT4YLM 1 GA(1) JIM(1)
KT5E 16 CO(16) JAY(16)
KU2X 1 NY(1) TOM(1)
KV2X 18 NY(18) TOM(18)
KV3TX 1 NY(1) TOM(1)
KX5LD 1 X(1) X(1)
KZ5J 30 TX(30) PAT(28) W(1) X(1)
N0AR 32 MN(31) CO(1) SCOTT(31) X(1)
N0DD 1 GA(1) X(1)
N0LYI 1 CO(1) DOUG(1)
N0NK 1 CO(1) DAN(1)
N0OJ 4 CO(4) RYAN(3) RICK(1)
N0SM 28 IA(27) IL(1) STEVE(27) X(1)
N0TAH 1 MN(1) X(1)
N0TK 2 CO(2) DAN(2)
N0TU 1 CO(1) STEVE(1)
N0UR 26 MN(26) JIM(25) TIM(1)
N0ZD 1 CO(1) PETER(1)
N1CCW 2 NY(2) GUS(2)
N1FN 5 CO(5) ET(5)
N1VAD 1 VT(1) BRAD(1)
N1VWD 20 VT(18) VA(1) CT(1) BRAD(19) BILL(1)
N1WPU 3 ME(3) TED(3)
N3AM 1 MD(1) JOHN(1)
N3GPQ 1 OH(1) FRANK(1)
N3IQ 2 MD(2) BRIAN(2)
N3TL 1 GA(1) TIM(1)
N3VF 19 VA(19) RON(19)
N3ZPQ 11 OH(11) FRANK(11)
N4CY 15 VA(15) TED(15)
N4DD 37 TN(37) DENNIS(37)
N4EKZ 1 GA(1) JIM(1)
N4GX 3 FL(3) ED(3)
N4KV 21 TN(21) JOHN(21)
N4NM 1 AL(1) CHUCK(1)
N4NV 1 TN(1) JOHN(1)
N4SAM 37 AL(36) AZ(1) SAM(36) X(1)
N5BAD 1 AZ(1) WALT(1)
N5BUD 8 LA(8) BUDDY(7) BUD(1)
N5DGK 19 LA(19) BROOK(18) BROCK(1)
N5GK 1 AR(1) BROOK(1)
N5KIP 7 LA(6) IL(1) DICK(7)
N5NVP 3 LA(3) JIM(3)
N7FF 1 AR(1) FRANK(1)
N7RN 12 AZ(12) RON(11) ROLLIN(1)
N8BR 1 OH(1) BILL(1)
N8KBG 15 MI(15) RON(14) X(1)
N8KDG 1 MI(1) RON(1)
N8WS 25 OH(25) BILL(24) DILL(1)
N8ZYA 1 WV(1) JOHN(1)
N9AA 1 AR(1) SCOTT(1)
N9ADG 1 WA(1) BRIAN(1)
N9AW 25 WI(25) JERRY(25)
N9IN 11 IN(11) LINCOLN(10) LINDEN(1)
N9NE 34 WI(34) TODD(33) X(1)
N9SM 1 IA(1) STEVE(1)
N9WS 1 OH(1) BILL(1)
N9ZEW 2 WI(2) GARY(2)
NG7Z 5 WA(5) PAUL(5)
NI0C 1 MO(1) CHUCK(1)
NK9G 23 WI(23) RICK(23)
NN5E 2 TX(2) VERN(1) VERNE(1)
NN5K 1 NM(1) DAVE(1)
NO2D 25 CO(25) PETER(16) PETE(7) STEVE(1) X(1)
NR5A 5 SD(4) ND(1) JERRY(5)
NU4I 28 VA(27) GA(1) KEN(28)
NU8S 16 OH(16) DENNIS(15) BILL(1)
NU9S 1 OH(1) DENNIS(1)
VA6RF 13 AB(13) EARL(11) CARL(2)
VE1ZAC 17 NS(16) JEFF(1) JEFF(16) NS(1)
VE3DJX 1 ON(1) JIM(1)
VE4WI 4 MB(4) CRAIG(4)
VE5DC 13 SK(13) JERRY(13)
VE5RC 5 SK(5) BRUCE(5)
VE6RF 1 AB(1) EARL(1)
W0IIT 26 KS(26) BART(25) DAVE(1)
W0IS 2 MN(2) RICK(2)
W0ITP 1 IA(1) TERRY(1)
W0ITT 1 KS(1) BART(1)
W0LGU 8 MN(8) TOM(8)
W0LRN 1 WI(1) BILL(1)
W0LRU 1 MN(1) TOM(1)
W1RT 2 CT(2) JOHN(2)
W2EEW 25 NJ(25) AL(25)
W2LJ 4 NJ(4) LARRY(4)
W2SH 25 NJ(25) CHAS(22) CHARLES(1) CHUCK(1) CHRIS(1)
W3IK 1 TN(1) JOHN(1)
W3MF 12 PA(12) JOHN(12)
W3ZZ 1 MD(1) GENE(1)
W4BOH 1 NC(1) WIL(1)
W4OGZ 1 VA(1) LARRY(1)
W4PM 2 VA(2) PAUL(1) PUCK(1)
W4VAB 1 TN(1) HUGH(1)
W5AJD 29 LA(28) TX(1) JERRY(29)
W5HNS 2 TX(2) HENRY(2)
W7DO 1 SC(1) GARY(1)
W7GB 1 WA(1) DON(1)
W7JI 2 KS(2) LOU(2)
W8AEF 14 AZ(14) PAUL(14)
W8BXN 2 OH(2) X(1) MIKE(1)
W8RU 7 MI(6) MN(1) RON(7)
W8ZN 1 VA(1) TERRY(1)
W9CF 25 AZ(25) KEVIN(20) KEITH(2) KEN(1) BILLY(1) TERRY(1)
W9HC 22 IL(22) STEVE(22)
W9JOP 26 VA(26) BOB(26)
W9LR 25 WI(25) BILL(25)
W9NX 2 IL(2) KENT(2)
W9OD 19 WI(19) CRAIG(17) CRIAG(2)
W9PZT 1 IL(1) RUDY(1)
W9QS 23 IL(23) MIKE(23)
W9QSV 1 IL(1) X(1)
W9XU 32 WI(31) MI(1) LON(27) DON(3) TON(1) X(1)
WA0IIT 1 KS(1) BART(1)
WA0ITP 28 IA(28) TERRY(27) X(1)
WA4AN 2 TN(2) WAYNE(2)
WA8BXN 16 OH(16) MIKE(16)
WA8BXN-3 1 DE(1) MIKE(1)
WA9ETW 16 WI(16) MARK(16)
WA9PWP 1 WI(1) PAUL(1)
WA9TZE 34 WI(33) X(1) JIM(32) X(1) MIKE(1)
WA9ZPQ 1 WI(1) JIM(1)
WB4MCV 1 MD(1) JO(1)
WB4X 2 NC(2) BRENT(2)
WB8WKQ 1 MI(1) JEFF(1)
WB8WTU 15 OH(15) DENNIS(15)
WB9HFK 29 IL(29) MARK(29)
WB9HPK 1 IL(1) X(1)
WB9SFK 1 IL(1) MARK(1)
WC7S 31 WY(31) DALE(30) X(1)
WD8JJA 5 IN(5) RICK(5)
WG0AT 1 CO(1) STEVE(1)
WT2W 1 NY(1) JIM(1)
WU3H 1 CO(1) MIKE(1)

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1 comment to 80m Log Info

  • The maps of qsos by week is very facinating. All the rest is the foundation, but the maps are exquisite. As study of props and conditions by band. Very nice.
    All the effort is outstanding. I will refer to the maps for antenna developement.
    Thank you,

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