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201603 KW4VA Virginia QSO Party

40m Best Fox DX

FINAL through week 20

The FOX logs were scanned for all hound contacts and the longest contact, or single best DX contact was noted for each fox. The table is ordered in descending order of best longest contact.

40m Best Fox DX

Best DX Miles Fox Call Hound Contacted
3502 K0ZK F3NB
3270 KT5E AH6V
3067 NK6A K3PH-VP9
2736 VE1ZAC NG7Z
2671 AB7R N1TP
2641 NG7Z N1TP
2623 N9ADG N1TP
2267 K2ZN NK6A
2201 K4BAI NG7Z
2192 W9CF N1VWD
2005 N4DD K6VNX
1954 KV2X AC7A
1830 VE4WI N1TP
1825 K9CW KE6RS
1817 K5DI K3PH
1754 K0FRP K0ZK
1673 WC7S N1TP
1552 AA4LR AC7A
1552 N0UR KG6KAJ

Follow the links below to view the hound and fox data from my various log parsing scripts:

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