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201603 KW4VA Virginia QSO Party


I live in Warrenton, Virginia, home of the Fauquier Amateur Radio Association and W4VA and KW4VA club stations. One of our clubs big yearly events is participating in the Va. QSO Party. The objective is of this radio contest is to make 2-way contact with radio operators in as many Va. independent cities and counties as possible. Recently I have been experimenting with Google Maps API and have come up with a way of plotting the counties and cities we contacted. I extracted and tallied QSOs from our contest logs and created color coded counties representing a visual indication of which counties were most active. As an example below I am showing the areas I contacted this 2011 using my KW4VA club call sign. To see a larger map, the actual county name and the number of stations contacted click on the View Larger Map link. You can also drag and/or zoom the map.

View Larger Map

I’ve had the opportunity to participate in several of the ARRL Field Day emergency exercises over the past few years with the local FARA club. I recently operated in June 2011. Click the thumbnail below to view my picture album of the stations and equipment setup from the weekend:

2011 Direct album link

Prior to that the last time I operated with the club was June 2009. Click the thumbnail to view my picture album from that event.

2009 Direct album link

For older Field Day pictures, please click a picture below to enter the album of videos and pictures from the weekend events.

Field Day 2006

Field Day 2005



In the fall of 2004 I assisted the members of the club erect the tower of Charlie WA3RAD. See some pictures and video of the days event by clicking here, or the picture below. Several shots were taken from the top of the tower once it was pulled up by the crane.



Download my Virginia QSO Party VaQP presentation presented to the club at the February 2011 meeting.

Download my CW QRP Fox Hunt presentation presented to the club at the November 2010 meeting.

Download my APRS Automated Packet Reporting System presentation presented to the club at the October 2010 meeting.

Download my RF Propagation Resources and Beacon Projects presentation presented to the club at the April 2010 meeting.

Download my Software Defined Radio presentation presented to the club at the March 2010 meeting.

Download my FARA Virginia QSO Party presentation presented to the club at the Feb 2010 meeting. Thanks to John KX4O for all the data and graphics. Note presentation is password protected on the W4VA site for FARA members only.

View the Va QSO Party County Map in Google maps. Zoom in and out to see roads, click on a colored county or independent city in the map to get its name or VaQP 3-letter designator. Click on a name in the left hand pane to highlight the county in the map.

The same as above except see the Va QSO Party County Map in Google Earth. Requires Google Earth application preloaded on your computer. Once the application opens be sure to click and check the checkbox next to the OverlayVirginia.kml name under the Temporary Places folder in the Places pane on the left side of the page.

Download my K8GP Grid Pirates & DVMS slide show presented to the club on Jan 2010 by clicking here.

Download my K1RA Echolink Powerpoint slide show presented to the club on April 2005 by clicking here.

To see the clubs online presence please click the following link

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